Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dinovite - The One Spot Stop for Dog Nutrition

Hey there friends. As many of you, I have quite a few pets at home. We have a rabbit (Shadow), tarantula (Vixin), cat (Jack), and two dogs (Odin and Lucy) and we try our best to have them well nourished and healthy. Well, recently I've noticed that Odin has what many call a hot spot. He's gotten in the habit of scratching it all the time, not giving it the chance to heal up. After going to my local pet store and asking for advice, I was told that a "hot spot" spray would help him from scratching. It worked at first, but now, it came back. After looking around, for a solution, I came across Dinovite.

I was first drawn to the site because it asked the question, "Does your dog itch, scratch, and shed like crazy?" I wouldn't say Odin does it like crazy, but if he's scratching, he has to be itching and I have noticed less hair in that general vicinity so to answer that question, yes, yes, and yes. lol I clicked the solution button and was taken to the solutions center where I was asked a few questions about Odin. Before I knew it, I was looking at a vitamin supplement to help my dog. I was little iffy on it at first, but after reading the ingredients and the description on what each one does, it started to sound pretty good. And the best part is that it's 100% guaranteed to help your pet, so there really isn't anything that you could lose for not trying this out. Another thing that I learned is that a healthy dog does not shed hair, regardless of the breed. Maybe I thought I was giving the best to my dog, but if he's shedding hair, he may be malnourished.

Hmmm... I really need to check this out. If all Dinovite promises is true, they have the best product that you can give to your dog. Odin's about a year and half now while Lucy is still month's away from her first birthday. I need to make sure that they grow up to be healthy dogs and I think that Dinovite is going to make it that much easier to assure that I can. Later.


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  1. I've heard it advertised on the radio, but have no personal experience with it. Let us know it works for your little cuties.