Friday, May 29, 2009


Because sometimes, there is just no other way...


lol! the product on the right looks like it would be pretty humorous too!

That is just frickin' HILARIOUS!! Also good for getting rid of that annoying female boss!

By the way, please tell me they make the male version M--ther F--'er Be Gone! Been lookin' all over for that one! ;)

I want to buy them in bulk. Do you give volume discount?

very metellic template dude!!!i will shift to this one..

I am hereby banning that product, the man doesn't need help getting rid of

By the by, send me some of that gag suppressant while you're at it...LMFAOOO

Hey there,

I wonder if I put some of this stuff on the Entrecard market if anyone would buy them. lol As Nipsy pointed out, there's also a gag supressant. lmao


Not sure if there's a male version, but I find it, you'll be the first to know!

i like and a really nice post...!!!

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