Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There's Going to be Some Changes

Hey there. I'm noticing that this layout looks pretty half assed... I'm thinking of changing it up some to make it a little more presentable. I would really like to have at least 2 columns so I may be shooting for that. So expect a few different looks in the coming weeks as I'm testing out some new layouts to see which I like best. Knowing me, it shouldn't take long. Later!


Hey, great looking site! So far the website doesn't look bad at all! I'll keep a close eye on this site. =)

Changes looking great there. Easier for reading now. Are you still modifying it?

Hey there Bem69,

I want to say that I'm done. I'm not a big fan of change but I felt that the site needed. I'd say I'm pretty please with the outcome. Thanks.

No problems.

Hey, as long as you're comfortable with your blog, that should be more than enough. Personally, I welcome the change.

Nice changes! Looking not so bad..... keep it up....

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