Thursday, March 12, 2009

There's a Bun in the Oven!

Hey there. It's official! There's a bun in the oven. We're going to have an addition to our family! We had taken "the test" a few weeks back but cause those things are never 100% accurate, we made our appointment to check it out. This week, my wife had her check up and they've confirmed the good news. Now, don't think my wife didn't go to a doc, we went to one about 2 weeks ago or so. But the place where were went seemed to half ass everything that we didn't feel very confident with the results. My wife then, made her appointment with her real doctor, which coincidentally is one of the doctors that star in the Discovery Health show, Deliver Me . Dr. Bohn was the one that cared for her during our last pregnancy but because she recently had a child, Dr. Hill tended to my wife. When my wife went to visit Dr. Hill this week, my wife told me that the camera crew was hanging around the clinic. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up on TV. lol

So the official counter is at 9 weeks. Which means that we have approx. 31 weeks to go before the next little one is here. Our family, and most friends know (now), so I decided to let my readers know as well. Its still to early to know if we're having a little "Metallboy" or "Metallgirl", but I'll keep you guys posted the moment we find out. I have an ultrasound picture that my wife refuses to let me use, only because you really can't make out the baby. It's more like a little bean swimming in a sea of black. As soon as I get a more detailed pic, it's so going up. Later on!

UPDATE: 3.13.09

My wife just read this post and is embarrassed as hell that I posted that pic. lol


Congratulations to you and your wife!


Congratulations! This is so exciting.

Yay! Way to represent the hispanic community! We must fill the earth! Um, does anyone here speak spanish? Gratz man!

Mr.New Dilemma

Congratulations! Happy news :)

congratulations!!!! I love watching shows about babies and i did watch some episodes of deliver me. Hopefully we get to see you and your wife. be sure to let us know,lol

Great news!!
Children are so lovely!!
Congrats to whole family!! LOVE

Hey, congratulations! One more week and an ultrasound scan will see a speck of your baby.

Congrats man! hope everything goes well!

Mas Puto!!
I didn't know! Congrats my friend! Almost choked on me bbq pizza!

Congratulations hun! I wish you and your family well. Glad to stumble upon your blog through entrecard =)

Congratulations. Boy or girl, the baby is bound to end up blogging someday.

Mazel Tov, you stud, you!

Play the in utero headbanger lots of Metallica. I did it with both my kids; I think it helped make 'em smarter (at least, that's the only explanation I can think of -- or own up to).

ahhhhh sweet. your kids are the only ones i like... true story.

luzer is always nice to hear good news...take care and take care of your whole family...

Congratulations! There's nothing like more little 'uns to add to the chaos!

Just found your site after you requested an ad through Entrecard.


Congrats, as a teen, the best think you can do for your child is surround him/her with books, they will love reading sooner or later.

Congrats on the very exciting news!

Congrats, won't be long till your a member of the nappie changing club.

Congrats that is wonderful news!

Hey there friends. My wife and I would like to thank all of you for the well wishes. We greatly appreciate it and we'll keep all of you posted on everything that goes on. Later!

wow! I know I'm a little late but congrats! Can I sponsor the birth and get the baby named after me? :)

Hey there Rob. I left a comment on your site earlier and decided that this little excerpt should be shared with the masses. lol

Thanks for the well wishes. We greatly appreciate it. After a brief conversation with my wife, she is down to name our child after you, if and only if, you fund our trip to Thailand! LMAO She wants to have our kid in that Hello Kitty hospital they got up there. HA HA HA! Later!

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