Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Pink Dolphin?!

Hey there. As I was drinking my first cup of coffee this morning, my wife started conversation about some stuff she saw online the day before. The one thing that really stuck in my mind was the pink dolphin. That's right, a PINK dolphin. A living, breathing, out in the wild pink dolphin. I couldn't believe it. She immediately stated something along the lines of Hello Kitty being responsible for it being pink, since Hello Kitty is responsible for making things "happy". lol So I went online to check it out. Take a look for yourselves... What do you think? I'm still having a tough time believing my eyes. Later!


really!!?? I can't believe it...hehehhehe but it looks like.or its just a toy. pink has a mole(air exhaust) in neckline and the black dont have. I have magnifying glass here.hahaha!

I ever saw pink Dolphin... in the seaworld park in Singapore.. its really pink and cute

I thought Dolphins were happy already; I guess the depressing times are making them go to Hello Kitty for a happy boost. They obisouly drank too much pink lemonade.

looks fake to me, but what do i know? hehehe. would be nice to know a pink dolphin actually exists. ^_^

Never seen one of those before. Is it real ?

I'm having a tough time believing my eyes, too. Perhaps that dolphin -- if this is actually real -- is a trend setter!

Hey there friends. Yup, the dolphin is real and it turns out that it's a rare albino dolphin. As it turns out, it's not the first one to be spotted in the wild. How crazy is that?!

My daughter loves pink and we bought her a pink dolphin balloon on our recent visit to the London zoo. She was delighted to learn that there are actual pink dolphins in the wild.
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Pink Dolphin??? Wow! Can I take that home with me? :)

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