Friday, February 20, 2009

Standard Blinds Are Old News

Hey there friends. Curtains, blinds, or open window? That's the dilemma that most people face when decorating their home. Curtains have many colors to mix and match and can be quite expensive depending on the color and fabric that is chosen. Blinds are a good choice to block out the sun but they really only keep you in the dark and obstruct your view of the outside world. Well, our friends at The Shade Store have come up with a sleek, modern solution that will not only keep harmful UV rays out of your home but will also allow you to enjoy your beautiful view.

All materials used to make these shades are 100% recyclable and GreenGuard Certified, which makes them a welcome addition to the environment. The shades also block out UV rays that can damage your furniture, they absorb heat, and they reduce the glare of the sun. This is a great alternative to the standard and old set of blinds that many of us grew up with. And the best part? IZEA has partnered up with The Shade Store to offer all friends free shipping and a 15% discount. When placing your order, be sure to use the promo code, IZEA01, to take advantage of this money saving offer.

Good looking, sleek, modern. Check out the picture below to get a feel of what the shades can do for your windows. Check it out, friends. Go to The Shade Store and order yours today. Later!



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