Monday, February 23, 2009

Have You Been Leveling Up?

Hey there friends. Have you been leveling up your sphere for battle? No? Then how can you expect to keep up with me in the world of virtual world of MagNext ? This kid friendly, online community has all the elements of a great environment where we can compete for bragging rights. As stated in my previous post, you compete for experience points and bragging rights. It's great that after a competition or mini-game, the website will state where you ranked amongst all players. And with more experience you gain within the game, the better the player you will become.

I wondered what the significance of Magz is in the community and I've just recently discovered what's they're for. It's basically the MagNext money! As you play the games, and earn experience, you'll also earn Magz which can be used to buy gear, action skills, or cool paint jobs for your sphere. I've been collecting them, knowing that I'll find the use for them one day and that day how now come!

I'm on the game right now. It looks like this soccer ball with a bandana wants to do battle with me. Wish me luck and I hope that next time, it will be you. Later.


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