Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Grand Slam at Denny's

Hey there. Denny's restaurants have our backs! Because of the downturn of the economy, Denny's is offering a free Grand Slam breakfast to anyone that walks through their doors. That's right, FREE GRAND SLAM BREAKFAST! Today only. I think the cut off for a free breakfast is 2 PM so I suggest you avoid the lines and get there now! Good looking out, Denny's. You scored some points with me for watching my back. Later!


  1. I was actually tempted to take advantage of this offer! I didn't want to deal with the long queue I would expect from such an offer, though. Did you go?

    p/s: word verification is "reameks", sounds like something from Dr Who!

  2. Hey there Lynne,

    No, I didn't personally go, but my mother in law did. She picked up a breakfast for me and my wife. She said that the line wasn't too bad, around 20 people or so. She was expecting monster lines since the news on TV where showing restaurants with lines as far as the eye can see. lol

  3. that's great offer.
    thanks for a comment on my post.

  4. Haha! I had to comment here - anyhow, I did go and I did get a free breakfast, heck, I even invited my mom :D So, when I arrived about 30 minutes before this offer was soon to expire, I waited in line for about 10 minutes -- not bad, considering that if I were to be there in the morning, I could have waited a much longer time. Anyhow, I got in and the waiter took us to a table for two. She, of course, knew what we wanted but asked anyways. "Two Grand Slams!" Boom, within 7-8 minutes, the grand slams were on the table and was good delicious - not bad for a free meal, I guess; beggars can't be choosers hehe. However, the eggs were scrambled, though I guess it was to save them time with all the people that had to serve. So, we tipped the waiter and left. What a great lunch ;)

    Anyhow, that was my experience with the free grand slam. I also heard that they do this every year, but this was the first time I've gone - so who knows, maybe I'll go next year, too :) It's nice seeing a restaurant receipt having a total of: $0.00 heh.