Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nothing Fits Better Than a Great Suit

Hey there friends. Always make a great first impression. We've heard that line since we were young. I've been fortunate enough to have a job that requires some travel to attend business meetings or conferences. I've been to Las Vegas, New York, and New Orleans to represent our company. How better to make a great first impression than with a great looking suit. Not just any suit, but a custom suit that was made to your specifications. A suit with perfect measurements, your style, and made with the material that makes you look and feel great. Enter

MySuitNY makes it easy to get a made to measure suit to fit you like a glove. Department store suits lack measurements. They are made in bulk and are regulated to a standard size break. The MySuitNY experience shatters those size breaks by customizing your suit with up to 30 size measurements to assure that your suit will fit like no other.

Once you feel good about the fit, you determine your style. 4 button, 2 button, 6 button jacket, stitching, collar, pockets... Any modifications that you want in regards to your jacket can be done. Pants? Double pleaded, single pleaded, flat, pockets, buttons, elasticity... You want it, they have it. Then comes the fabric.

You choose between dark, medium, or light colored fabrics. Can't make a decision? Ask the associate and they can help you make a great choice depending on whether you want your suit for social gatherings, business meetings, or for seasonal fashion.

With so many options, MySiutNY makes it so easy to get a mens’ suit without all the hassle. No longer do you need to go through racks of pre-made suits for one that looks decent. Make your appointment today get the suit that will make you look and feel like a million bucks.



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