Monday, October 6, 2008

The Weekend and a New Football Format

Hey there friends. This weekend was such a blur, and not because it was fun. We've been so busy that we just have not had a chance to just sit down and enjoy ourselves in the confort of our home in so long. This weekend, was no different. First off, Friday was bad. I worked to close to 5 on Friday when I should be off closer to 3:30 and my wife ended up working to close to 6:30. And to top it off, we came in to work on Saturday so we didnt even have a chance to sleep in. Got up, got dressed, and into work at 8. I came with my wife to keep her company but since I was in a work environment, I started to work too. Ran some reports and got to it. Soon after, boss came in because he felt guilty that we were in at work on a Saturday. He treated us to In N Out Burgers so that was cool. But because of it, we didn't see the kids until after work, which was close to 4. Soon after, my wife was off to a passion party. I'm sure you ladies know what that is. I gave her wrong directions (mistakenly told her to go south when it should have been north) so I added to her frustrations since she was running a little late. I stayed home with the kids since no guys were allowed and waited for my wife to come home. I caught the rest of Gunslinger Girl, which I'll write about some other time. She came home with some goodies and we finally sat down to watch Hole in the Wall. We recorded the episode with the Flavor or Love and Rock of Love girls. That show is pretty funny. lol Love seeing people smash themselves into a wall. After that was over, we finally went to bed.

Sunday morning, which felt more like a Saturday because we worked the day before, my wife and I didn't want to get out of bed. Bodies needed more sleep. We soon got up, and she started getting dressed, a friend asked her to help set up decorations for a baby shower at her place at 10 am. My wife not being one to say no, agreed so she felt obligated to go. She then soon left, taking the girls with her. While they were gone, my son and I chatted about this boxing game that he has and I caught some football while cleaning the house. I was mainly watching the Indy game and during time outs or commercials, I would get up, wash some dishes, sweep, dust, wipe, spray, vaccuum, or whatever else I can squeeze in during the break. lol During lunch time, as my son and I were talking more boxing, my wife dropped by drop off the girls. They seemed to have been tired from the decorating. My wife told me how it was going and we barely had enough time for some time alone together before she took off to the baby shower. While she was gone, I played with the kids, chatted with them, caught a lil TV with them, and continued my cleaning mission... all the while, I sent text messages to my wife just to see what's up. She ended up getting home pretty late and after she told me about her day, we ended up going to bed well after midnight... having to get up today at 5:30. We both feel tired as hell and I, for one, don't feel like working. lmao But figured that I should post about our weekend and what I have planned.

I was going to write my Monday football article. I've decided against it. I think what I'll be doing now is a Tuesday article in the "power ranking" format. This will allow me to give insight on each team and include the teams in the Monday night game. Decided to change it up because I was writing about what I saw, and not the whole schedule of games. I am a fan of football and even though I have my favorite team, I'll watch any game as long as it's competitive. I figured that in this format, I'll be able to write about every team and have a more well rounded article. Look for it tomorrow morning friends. Later!


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