Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mustela Products for Sensitive Skin

Hey there friends. I've recently been introduced to the Mustela line of skin products. My wife is big on skin care products. I believe that women in general are big on skin care, but even more so when it comes to the kids. Since we live in California, we are in constant sunshine and beaches are just minutes away. We were handed a bottle of Mustela high protection SPF 50 sun screen and we just loved it. My wife loves the baby lotions. They are usually stronger than your everyday product, since it is made to protect a baby's skin.

My wife, being the great mother that she is, decided to go online to look for reviews of the products and check out the Mustela website. How she wished she knew of this sooner. Maternity products, lotions, gift sets, parent's corner; the site has all you need to know to care for yourself and your young one. Being a first time mom is tough and you usually go by what your elders tell you, which is not bad advice but myth is sometimes mixed in with the truth. At Mustela , the Parent's Corner section gives tips and insight on what to expect during those critical moments of being a mom. And they make it easy too. Join their mailing list and receive updates on their products. The best part? You can locate a local store that carries the Mustela line. Click on "Locate Retailers" button and enter your zip code. This way if you can't wait for the online order to come in, you can drive to your local retailer and pick up your product.

My wife sighed. How she loves babies. She already put the site on her favorites for when we decide to have another little one. Until then. Later!


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