Monday, October 20, 2008

Metallman's Heavy Metal Rankings (NFL - Week 7)

Hey there friends. What a crazy 2008 season it has been. Our projected football kings are slumping (Indy, Dallas, SD, New Orleans) causing havoc and wreckage across standings and power rankings around the globe. The Dallas star is dropping like a rock (down 7 spots) while Green Bay took a giant step forward (up 8 spots). Let's get to it.

Rank - Team - Record - Previous - High - Low

Heavy Metal

#1 Tennessee Titans (6-0) - Last #1 - High #1 - Low #3

QB Kerry Collins is looking like the man to beat in Tennessee. Solid play week in and week out is more than enough for this team to keep winning, especially with the top ranked defense behind him. That defense shattered the KC QBs, causing them to play 3 QBs in the game. Divisional game against Indy is up next. Week 8 IND

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) Last #2 - High #2 - Low #5

Big Ben was solid for 216 yds and 2 scores in putting the hammer down on the Bengals, but it was RB Mewelde Moore who stole the show by running for 120 yds and 3 scores (2 rushing and 1 receiving) He averaged 6 yds per carry in dismantling the Bengal defense. Next week's clash of the titans will be one to watch. Week 8 NYG

#3 New York Giants (5-1) Last #4 - High #1 - Low #4

The G-Men bounce back after that horrible lost to Cleveland. A win is a win, but what an ugly win against a struggling 49ner team. Eli was good or 161 yds and 1 score while leading rusher RB Brandon Jacobs rams in 2 more with only 69 yds on the ground. The Giants are going to get back to early season form if they are to stand a chance at Pittsburgh. Week 8 @ PIT

#4 Buffalo Bills (5-1) Last #6 - High #4 - Low #10

QB Trent Edwards returns and instantly made this team a contender. They kept the Bolts in check with their defense with the man of the hour being LB Kawika Mitchell, who not only had a key interception in the 4th qtr but also had a fumble recovery. Divisional foe, Miami, will need to get that wild cat ready since the Bills seem to have a strong grip on the AFC East. Week 8 @ MIA

#5 Carolina Panthers (5-2) Last #8 - High #5 - Low #8

The Carolina defense came to play against the Saints after taking last week off. So much so that they limited the mighty NO QB Brees to only 7 points all the while knocking out their RB Reggie Bush for approx. 4 Weeks. Kurt Warner, you've been warned. Week 8 ARI

#6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2) Last #3 - High #3 - Low #9

No room for error in the tough NFC East so the Bucs made sure they put the beat down on the Seahawks to stay tied with the Panthers for the top spot. QB Jeff Garcia throws for 310 yds and a score. The Seahawk defense did not have an answer for WR Antonio Bryant who torched the secondary for 116 yds and a score, the first of the season for him. This show goes on the road against a dysfunctional Dallas squad. Week 8 @ DAL

#7 Washington Redskins (5-2) Last #9 - High #2 - Low #9

The Skins almost let another one slip away against a rejuvenated Cleveland defense. RB Clinton Portis wasn't having it, willing his team to victory with 175 yds and a score. The man is averaging 5 yds a carry for the season and is on pace to rush for over 1500 yds this season. He looks to continue his 100 yard rushing game (4 straight) against a weak Detroit defense. Week 8 @ DET

#8 Atlanta Falcons (4-2) Last #5 - High #5 - Low #15

Sitting on the sidelines this week knocked the Falcons from first to third in their division race. After showing poise and resolve against Green Bay in week 6, they look to match that intensity against a struggling Eagles team. Week 8 @ PHI

#9 Arizona Cardinals (4-2) Last #7 - High #7 - Low #14

Kurt Warner and crew rested their bones, as well as that high powered offense this week. The Cards are averaging almost 30 a game this year. WR Anquan Boldin will most likely be sitting this game out, since it's been announced that he suffered a concussion and multiple facial fractures. Will the week off slow down this high flying offense? The Carolina defense won't make it any easier. Week 8 @ CAR

#10 Chicago Bears (4-3) Last #15 - High #8 - Low #15

The Bears won a shootout! Let that phrase sink in folks. The Bears, the smash mouth team that will ram it down your throat has developed offensive fire power. Anyone that is still shouting for Rex's return should be shot. QB Kyle Orton has taken the reigns out gunned Viking QB Gus Frerotte in a clash of divisional foes. This offense coupled with that defense is making this Bears team look scary. If only they can keep it consistent. Hopefully, the BYE week won't screw it up. Week 8 BYE

Soft Rocks

#11 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) Last #14 - High #11 - Low #22

The Jags stock rose this week despite them sitting on the sidelines. Mainly because their divisional rival Colts lost. The team needs to find their identity if they are to make a push for the playoffs. Being 3 games behind the Titans, they need to surge now if they hope to make the playoffs. Week 8 CLE

#12 Green Bay Packers (4-3) Last #20 - High #12 - Low #20

QB Aaron Rodgers one ups Indy QB Peyton Manning by scoring a TD. The Green Bay defense showed up picking off Manning twice and running them both back for TDs. The ailing team needs the BYE to regenerate some of that mojo that they lost from that 3 game losing streak. Week 8 BYE

#13 Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) Last #18 - High #13 - Low #18

QB McNabb and company did what they had to do, put the beat down on an inferior team. If only they can take it up a notch and take down some superior teams for a change since they are the bottom dwellers of the NFC East. Week 8 ATL

#14 Baltimore Ravens (3-3) Last #20 - High #14 - Low #20

Is this defense getting old? They gave up over 100 yards on the ground, no INTs, only 1 forced fumble, but it did have 3 sacks and this old dog took care of that wild cat, stuffing the Dolphins whenever they got into that wild cat formation. Week 8 OAK

#15 Indianapolis Colts (3-3) Last #10 - High #10 - Low 15

What the hell is wrong with the Colts? QB Peyton Manning looks briliant last week in dismantling the Raven D and now looks like a lame duck against an ailing Green Bay team. Week 8 @ TEN

#16 New England Patriots (4-2) Last #22 - High #11 - Low #22

QB Matt Cassel has one efficient game against that dead ugly Denver defense, tossing 3 TDs and 185 yds. The New England RBs combined for 257 yds rushing, with RB Sammy Norris leading the way with 138 yds. Week 8 STL

#17 Denver Broncos (4-3) Last #12 - High #7 - Low #17

This Denver defense is going to sink this team. Not even the legendary John Elway can lead this team to victory when the defense coughs up big plays on a consistent basis. Week 8 BYE

#18 Dallas Cowboys (4-3) Last #11 - High #4 - Low #18

How much farther will this star fall? Coach has acknowledged that it's time to "worry". Not a smart move. Defense is now suspect and without QB Romo to save thier ass, there's going to be a lot of hurting in Dallas. Week 8TB

#19 New Orleans Saints (3-4) Last #17 - High #17 - Low #23

QB Brees torched the Raiders last week and what does he do this week against the Panthers? Nothing, absolutely nothing. And to make matters worse, RB Reggie Bush may be out up to 4 weeks due to injury. Best of luck trying to stay afloat in that tough NFC South. Week 8 SD

#20 New York Jets (3-3) Last #13 - High #13 - Low #20

Awful, awful game for the legend QB Brett Favre. He was only able to muster 197 yds and threw 2 picks against a more than suspect Oakland defense. I'm certain he'll take it out on Chiefs next week. Week 8 KC

#21 San Diego Chargers (3-4) Last #16 - High #16 - Low #21

RB LaDainian Tomlinson is not having his best season, and the Bolt's record reflects that. Whether he's up for the challenge or not, the Bolts win or lose on LaDainian's play. Week 8 @ NO

Pile of Crap

#22 Minnesota Vikings (3-4) Last #19 - High #13 - Low #21

QB Gus Frerotte's 4 INTs killed the Vikings. In a shootout that ended at 41-48, his 4 turnovers turned into points for the Bears. Week 8 BYE

#23 Houston Texans (2-4) Last #25 - High #23 - Low #29

Second win in a row for the fiesty Texans. QB Matt Schaub looks solid throwing for 2 scores and 267 yds against Detroit. Can they make it 3 in a row against the Bengals? Week 8 CIN

#24 St. Louis Rams (2-4) Last #29 - High #24 - Low #30

Whoa, whoa... what is this? The Rams are looking like a solid team after spending the first quarter of the season as a stepping mat for the opposition. Convincing win against Dallas behind the strong play of RB Steven Jackson, who ran for 160 yds and 3 TDs. Week 8 NE

#25 Oakland Raiders (2-4) Last #30 - High #25 - Low #30

K Sebastian Janikowski nails a 57 yarder to crush the Jets in overtime. 100 Raider greats were in attendance for the game, defenitely inspiring the Oakland team to "Just Win Baby". Al Davis should look into flying all those Raider greats to Baltimore, where the Raider team will need all the help they can get. Week 8 @ BAL

#26 Cleveland Browns (2-4) Last #23 - High #23 - Low #27

What happened? Solid play from the Browns almost got the victory against Washington. Despite coughing up 175 yds to Washington RB Clinton Portis, the Browns had their chances but merely blew it. Week 8 @ JAC

#27 Miami Dolphins (2-4) Last #24 - High #17 - Low #27

Welcome to the NFL. Each time the attempting the wild cat formation, the Baltimore defense stuffed it down their throat. Back to the drawing board, guys. Week 8 BUF

#28 Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) Last #26 - High #26 - Low #28

Calling Daunte Culpepper, come in Culpepper. Kansas has no QB and you have no job. What the hell are the Chiefs waiting for??? Week 8 @ NYJ

#29 San Francisco 49ners (2-5) Last #27 - High #24 - Low #29

Nolan out, Singletary in. Maybe he'll be able to spark a fire under this team and whip 'em into shape. Week 8 SEA

#30 Seattle Seahawks (1-5) Last #28 - High #25 - Low #30

Tough times have fallen on the Seahawks. I think coach Mike Holmgren will be calling it quits after the season is over. Come to think of it, I think he already is on vacation.... Week 8 SF

#31 Cincinnati Bengals (0-7) Last #32 - High #31 - Low #32

Injuries, injuries, injuries... Should QB Carson Palmer even come back on this lost season??? Week 8 @ HOU

#32 Detroit Lions (0-6) Last #31 - High #32 - Low #32

Lions couldn't get it done against the Vikings, and let another one slip away this week against the Texans. I just don't see this team winning a game this season. WEEK 8 WAS


  1. Just a few couple of months and my Panthers will be back in the Super Bowl...I'm calling it now.

  2. Hey there T. If that defense keeps it up, I don't see anyone stopping them.