Friday, October 10, 2008

Life and Death; Men and Women

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid one day. Lying in their death beds, dying of nothing."

Hey there friends. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, of how she feels old and what not, and how a coworker of hers is afraid of death. I told her, "She shouldn't be afraid of death, we can't live in fear. I'm not scared of death because quite frankly, I'm not going to die." lol That's right folks, I am not going to die. I've been saying that for years. I'm just merely ignoring the inevitable. Something that I have absolutely no power to stop. I started this post with that quote because that is my mentally towards death. Regardless of what we do, we cannot stop the inevitable.

But why do you say such stupidities, Metallman? Glad you asked. To be honest, I don't know. But as for death, you see, why are we to worry about something that is far off in the future, or something that comes completely unexpected? All it will do it cause aggravation, anxiety, fear, paranoia, stress... I told my friend how the average life span of humans has increased every decade and that it's a known fact that men live longer than women. I know that there's some kind of scientific evidence for it, but you know what my conclusion is? Women stress over death while men don't and we all know that stress shaves off a few years of your life. I've noticed that men tend to have this "set it and forget it" mentality. As in, life insurance? Check. 401K plan? Check. Kids college fund? Check. Done and done. We will no longer think about the future, unless it's in regards to next week's game or our anniversary.

Women, on the hand, are the organizers of our lives. Traditionally, men provide, and women pretty much do everything else. How can they not have stress within their daily tasks? Now, with today's working wife/mother, that stress has intensified. They plan out their work day, plan out their evening, plan out dinner, and plan out the entire week, while us men will probably just plan a day or two in advance and let the chips fall where they may. After putting so much thought and effort into their planning, how can women not be stressed out if the plan back fires, fails, or is dismantled by some unforeseen circumstance? If something goes wrong with my plans, I blurt some expletive and carry on. I usually don't have a second thought about what just happened, make best of the situation that I'm in, and go forward. Stress free. But now this has me thinking.....

My friend's coworker had a doctor's appointment that day and was just stressing out over her results, worrying that her body is getting old and not what it used to be. I think us men are ignorant fools. lol Most of us don't go to doctors. Maybe we, too, dread the fact that our bodies are not what they once were but we're just afraid to admit it. Afraid of another person telling us much our body or health has deteriorated. Afraid to know that death is approaching. I've come to the conclusion that us men do not put ourselves in stressful situations. Why go to a doc and possibly get stressed out over the news given to us? Organizing a vacation? Probably not. We won't want to stress over making sure we have all the necessities, flights booked, hotel booked, restaurant reservations... etc. etc.

Our metal make up so different that it amazes me that we can be so compatible. Though, there are the few exceptions out there. Just some more of my random, out of the blue thoughts that crossed my mind today. Later!



  1. So, basically what you're saying is that women are more awesome. Just kidding. Or am I?

  2. Hey there. It's open to interpretation. lol =oD

  3. So funny, yet so true at the same time.

    A friend and I went to Orlando back in March for WrestleMania. Two days before the show, we got in the car and drove. No directions, no hotel, no plans for the night. We figured we'd make do once we got there.

    We did and damn if we didn't have an epic time.