Friday, April 18, 2008

Pay Per Post

Hey there. As I was surfing the net, looking for a way to make a few bucks with my blog, I stumbled across this great opportunity. Everyone is a critic, so why not put those skills to good use? Many of us rave or rant about our everyday lives, and often include about how we feel about a particular product or service. payperpost lists advertisers that want reviews of their products from us bloggers and they are more than willing to pay for quality posts. Why not get paid for something that most of us already do at no charge? Signing up is free and the program could not be any easier. Sign up, accept an opportunity to review, and post. Easy as 1-2-3, no? This program is perfect since you're not at the mercy of the advertisers. We can be ourselves and integrate the review right into our blog. You are clearly in control and can only review those products or services that you actually use. And you once you start generating enough buzz, don't be surprised if advertisers go directly to you for a review! With the Payperpost direct feature, advertisers can go directly to you requesting you to post a review of their products. And again, you are in complete control. You can accept or deny the request and the best part about the Payperpost direct feature... You can choose your own fee! Check it out friends, you'll be glad you did.

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