Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hey there. Looks like I got a new sponser. I'm giving this Adbrite a shot since Google claims that there was "clicking fraud" on my site, causing my account to be disabled. Now, I understand if there was an issue on my site, but I would've appreciated a warning or better yet, suggestions to prevent this so called fraud. Instead, I just get an Email stating that it's disabled. I was pissed. But after doing some research online, I find that I'm not the only one whose account was disabled without much proof, since Google will not disclose any infomation what so ever. There's a lot of unhappy bloggers out there that Google has just shut out with out so much of a warning and once you're blocked out, you are blocked out. No point in trying to get back in the program. So eh... I don't write to advertise, but I wouldn't mind having a little something here and there. It's just upsetting that you can be shut out from a program, especially when you're not at fault.

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